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Moving from USA to India

Moving from USA to India

This is the dream of thousands of foreigners to relocate to India but obviously moving from the USA is not an easy decision to make. India is a land of multi-cultures and now it is making its swift path towards development and growth in various fields of science and technology. The markets of India are not saturated and there is a lot of room to innovate.

Visa is a legal pass to enter into a country and the precise method of getting a visa will depend upon the country you live in. So, in order to immigrate to India from USA, you need to apply for a visa. India allows the entrance of some nations visa-free, other nations need a visa to enter India while those people who have a Persons of Indian Origin Card are exempted to get a visa for entrance in India unless they are not citizens of some specific countries. Furthermore, the increasing westernization of India has made it much easier and comfortable for people to relocate.

Our reliable team of immigration lawyers in Indiain India can help US citizens who wish to move to this country.

How to move from the USA to India?

This is the most frequently asked question by people as they do not know how to start their immigration process in India. The general guide is given below and for details, you can rely on our attorneys in India who will provide you with detailed advice through every step. 

  1. Vaccination: It is very necessary to get yourself vaccinated for the sake of protection against some diseases, like; Dengue fever when moving from USA to India;
  2. Visa: There are different Indian visas available and you can apply online for any visa. However, you need to visit the Indian embassy for handing over the paperwork;
  3. Accommodation: It is very important to think about the accommodation and the city in which you want to settle for good;
  4. Find a job: If you are moving from the USA to India, then obviously you want to maintain a lifestyle in India too. To avoid any inconvenience later, it is advisable to find a job online before moving to India. India is the best place for opening a Holding Company or a Limited Liability Company (LLC) if you have reasonable capital for investment;
  5. Aadhaar card: You need to apply for an Aadhaar card, which is the national identity card for Indian residents to get yourself recognized as an Indian citizen;
  6. PAN card: To keep your finances in order PAN card is necessary. You will also need this card when you apply for a credit card or loan.

Although taxes may vary depending upon the place, our Indian lawyers are available to guide you in these matters. 

If you open a company in the country, our immigration lawyers in India can give you more details on how to obtain Indian citizenship by investment after a number of years.

US nationals who wish to relocate to India will most likely be interested in remaining in the country for more than 180 days, as well as obtaining Indian residency. This means that they will also need to observe the requirements for the mandatory registration of foreigners with the authorities. This is done by submitting proper documents, as well as making the needed fee payments and providing a suitable photograph.

Where to move to in India?

India is a country that has the second-largest population in the world, it has a deep history and various languages are spoken in this country.

The choice regarding the city belongs to the individual who is interested in immigration to India.

If you wish to immigrate to India from USA, some suggestions about the different Indian cities are given below:

New Delhi

This city is the capital of India and most people choose to move here. The reason is that New Delhi has a touch of history and modernity in it. Being the capital of India, it has everything to offer.


It is the financial city of India and a popular place to settle in. Mumbai has many popular schools, hospitals, malls, Central Business Districts (CBDs) and entertainment clubs, etc. 


Chennai is a very pleasant and safe city. It is less crowded than the other cities of India and it is also considered a tourist spot. 


This city has one of the well-developed physical and social infrastructures, Bangalore has developed a lot due to the IT boom that has enabled swift real-estate development here. Bangalore is also called the silicon valley of India due to the availability of giant tech companies in it. This city has several companies and it is a dream destination for those who want to pursue their career in the tech field. 

This is your personal choice, whatever the city you choose to settle in after moving from USA to India.

Our law firm in India offers needed assistance and advice for relocation irrespective of the city you choose. We will help you apply for residency in India.

Types of visas in India

Some countries have very lengthy and hectic visa application procedures, but India offers a cheaper and easier procedure if you apply in the right manner. Here is a list of ten different kinds of visas that India offers to people around the globe. These are also suitable for those who immigrate to India from US:

  1. Tourist visa;
  2. Film visa;
  3. Research visa;
  4. Journalist visa;
  5. Conference visa;
  6. Intern visa;
  7. Medical visa;
  8. Business visa;
  9. Student visa;
  10. Employment visa;

No matter the type of visa you want to apply for, our Indian lawyers will assist you.

Selecting the right type of visa for your stay is the first step in the process of moving from USA to India.

We are here to assist you each step of the way when you relocate to India.

Immigrants in India – the 2018 Survey

In 2018, a survey took place in India to discover how Indians perceived the percentage of immigrants in their country. We present the following data:

  • According to the data published by Ipsos, people thought that every 24 out of 100 people in India were immigrants;
  • 24 immigrants out of 100 Indians was an over-estimated guess;
  • The actual share of immigrants in the population of India is 0.4%.

If you are looking forward to moving from USA to India, then do not hesitate to contact our law firm in India for assistance. 

If you are interested in moving to India from another country, our team can assist you. We can answer questions about the pre-application requirements for a residence permit, such as the needed documents according to permit type, the application duration, as well as the post-application steps, and what you should expect. Reach out to our agents specializing in immigration to India for more information.

If you are not a US national but are interested nonetheless in residency and matters concerning Indian citizenship, our team can answer your questions according to your particular situation. Most foreign nationals will apply for this status through naturalization and some by registration or descent, however, they should note that dual citizenship is not possible.