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Litigation Attorneys in India

Litigation Attorneys in India

Our litigation attorneys in India assist and represent clients in all types of commercial and business disputes that can arise and also in any sort of civil litigation cases.

A team of specialized litigation attorneys in India is ready to take over your case and manage all of the litigation phases, starting with the pre-trial investigation, the settlement, and the appeal, if needed.

Commercial litigation cases are among some of the most common practice areas but our team has extensive experience in litigation cases involving different fields. We are able to cover disputes that arise as a result of business torts, contractual breaches, shareholder’s disputes, commercial transactions as well as sales and purchase agreements between parties. 

Our law firm in India works with both local and foreign companies, large and small to medium firms and our clients always benefit from professional services, targeted to their needs and focused on results.

A separate division of our team also assists those who are interested in immigration to India.

Litigation procedures in India

Our team of litigation attorneys in India is able to represent clients in a vast array of civil and commercial litigation cases, irrespective of the courts and tribunals that hear the case. We offer a customized approach to each case and our goal is to find not only the fastest solutions but also the more cost-effective ones. Commercial litigation can present a set of challenges, however, with the right legal aid, our clients can look forward to finding the right type of solution to their dispute. 

The highest court in India is the Supreme Court and the proceedings here are conducted in English. India also has 24 High Courts, which are the main civil courts and, along with the District Courts are all subordinate to the Supreme Court. Commercial disputes are brought before the Commercial divisions of the High Courts and included here are intellectual property rights disputes, franchising disputes, transaction disputes, distribution, licensing agreement disputes, shareholder agreements disputes, and others.

Litigation and arbitration remain the two most-employed dispute resolution methods in India and our team is able to help you with both, as needed. In most situations, companies in India will include an arbitration clause so that parties may be able to select this dispute resolution method instead of the court process which may last longer.

You can always reach out to one of our Indian lawyers to find out more about the options for arbitration and/or mediation and why you should consider including an arbitration clause in any business agreement. Sometimes, court litigation can be replaced with arbitration and this can bring a faster and less expensive resolve to the business dispute.

Most statutes of limitation periods for contractual claims are subject to a period of three years. You can reach out to our litigation lawyers in India before this time passes in order to make sure that your case can be brought to court.

You can also contact us if you are interested in immigration to India.

Our team can also assist you with issues concerning Indian residency. The conditions for obtaining this status are clearly defined by the authorities and applicants are expected to meet all of the needed criteria, however, if your application was rejected, our team can help evaluate your file and provide you with information on the motives for rejection, as well as the possible solutions.

For information on how one can gain citizenship in India after having lived in the country long enough based on a valid residence permit, you can also send your inquiries to our team. The minimum number of years as a resident depends on the application route and, for those who apply by naturalization, this is twelve years before the application date, along with having to comply with other requirements.

Litigation services offered by our Indian law firm

We provide legal advice and representation in cases such as:

  • – contractual breaches: despite the initial good intentions, contractual breaches are a common type of civil wrong and investors in India can take legal action when a party has failed to fulfill the contractual duties.
  • – partner and shareholder disputes: disagreements and disputes between partners or shareholders can hinder the progress of the business; our team of litigation attorneys in India is experienced in managing these types of disputes, with a special focus on the general minimization of their impact on the business.
  • – fraud: a number of business litigation cases arise because of fraudulent actions and those involving cyber-crimes; immediate legal action is important in these types of cases.
  • – business tort: actions consisting of unlawful acts that have been brought upon your company by another legal entity (which have resulted in monetary losses), are considered business torts and can be settled by our lawyers.
  • – intellectual property disputes: intellectual property disputes include patent litigation, disputes that refer to trade secrets as well as trademark litigation; our lawyers have an extensive knowledge of the laws governing copyrights, trademarks, and patents and can help you.

Other areas in which we can offer legal representation and assistance in case of disputes include Tax Law, Employment Law, insolvency, Family Law and many others. We also have a team of immigration lawyers in India.

Our litigation lawyers in India approach each case with professionalism and help solve commercial litigation cases by paying attention to the needs of our clients.

Contact our Indian law firm for complete details about the services we provide and for more information about our range services for dispute resolution.

Apart from litigation services, we also assist clients who have questions about immigration to India. Our team specializing in this area of law can answer questions about visas and residence permits, the mandatory registration with the authorities upon the foreigner’s arrival, as well as the requirements for renewing a residence permit. We can also assist applicants who have had their applications rejected.