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Move to India from Canada

Move to India from Canada

The decision to relocate to a new country is an important one that takes place according to the immigration rules valid in the country of interest. In order to move to India from Canada, foreign nationals are asked to apply for and obtain a visa that will suit their long-term stay purpose.

At our law office in India, we provide services to persons who want to immigrate to India from Canada for employment or business purposes among others.

Types of visas for those who move to India from Canada

Canadians who wish to relocate to India from Canada can apply for the following types of visas:

  • Business visa: for those who will enter and remain in India for business and trade; starting a business in India is subject to conditions;
  • Employment visa: for Canadians who immigrate to India from Canada for the purpose of taking up employment in India; the duration is usually for the period of the employment agreement;
  • Student visa: for those admitted to a recognized educational institution in India; it allows for 3 entries in India per the academic year used for home visits;
  • Research visa: for research scholars or individuals otherwise involved in research work in the country; it can be sponsored by the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute.

The visas need to be renewed as required for long-term stay or immigration purposes. In order to obtain citizenship, foreign nationals need to have lawfully resided in the country for many years. The citizenship requirements differ in case of Canadians of Indian origin as well as those who are married to an Indian citizen. Our lawyers in India can give you more details.

Our team assists all foreign nationals who relocate to India and who are interested to apply for Indian citizenship after a minimum lawful stay. For most foreign citizens, the naturalization option is the most suitable one and this means that they will need to lawfully reside in the country for twelve years before they can apply. Our team will give you more details upon request.

Obtaining residency in India does not only include providing suitable documents for the purpose of stay. It also means that the foreign national entering the country on a long-term basis will register with the authorities. This is done for those who remain in India for more than 180 days and it must be completed before the end of this period. Our team can give you more details.


Applying for a visa in order to immigrate to India from Canada requires the submission of a compulsory set of documents, as well as the payment of certain fees. Below, our team answers some of the most commonly asked questions about the application process. For more details, as well as if you have additional questions according to your particular situation, please reach out to one of our attorneys.

What are the visa costs?

The following processing charges were in place at the time this article was written (chargeable at the Consulate General of India in Toronto):

  • Employment visa: more than 6 months and up to a year for a fee of $248 and more than 1 year and up to 5 years with a fee of $372;
  • Student visa: valid for the duration of the studies or for 5 years (whichever less) for a fee of $100;
  • Business visa: the fee for the one allowing the holder to stay for more than 1 year and up to 5 years is $310;
  • Research visa: for professionals who apply for more than 1 year and up to 5 years the fee is $248.

To these fees, as additional consular charge applies, as well as a processing charge for the accredited visa processor. The fee is non-transferable and non-refundable. Please keep in mind that these fees can change. We advise those interested to reach out to our team of lawyers in India for updated information before you apply.

When should I submit the visa application?

Your visa application should be submitted with the Consulate General as soon as you decide on the timeline for your relocation. This can mean once you have secured employment or once you have decided and researched the possibility to open a company in India. In all cases, you should not apply after you have purchased your airplane tickets for India. The visa application can last more, especially if the initial submission does not include all of the needed documents. The Consulate will not expedite the process if you provide information on your booking with your application and you will risk losing the tickets.

Applicants are advised to apply for a visa that will allow them to immigrate to India from Canada with 3 weeks in advance of their planned departure date.

What documents do I need?

The required documents depend on the visa type. However, there are a number of general documents that are submitted:

  • the filled in application form;
  • two recent passport-size photographs;
  • the valid passport and proof of address.

The passport should be valid for more than 190 days when submitting the application.

The visa-specific documents are related to the purpose of the stay in India. For example, for an employment visa, the applicant will submit a copy of the employment contract which stipulates the nature of the work, the duration of the agreement, as well as the salary.

Please note that for employment purposes a certain annual salary applies in case of foreign nationals who are sponsored. Our lawyers in India can give you more details.

Contact us if you want to move to India from Canada. We can assist you throughout the entire process.

We also assist other foreign nationals who wish to immigrate to India. If you are new to the country or plan on relocating here in the near future, our team will give you information about the need to apply for a residence permit, when you should do so, and where should you register with the right authorities (a mandatory step after your arrival). You can reach out to us for more details.