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Obtain a Digital Nomad Visa in India

Obtain a Digital Nomad Visa in India

A Digital Nomad Visa is intended for people who want to work remotely. Freelancers, full-remote workers, and contract-based employees can experience the rich cultural tapestry of India while continuing their professional endeavors despite the unavailability of digital nomad visas in India

At our law firm in India, we provide comprehensive advisory and legal services to local and international clients spanning various industries, including immigration matters, and we are well-equipped to assist you in obtaining an India Visa.

Do you need legal advice on Immigration law in India, or are you interested in applying for the India Digital Nomad Visa? If yes, we are pleased to inform you that our lawyers are well-versed in advising you in that respect. This article will walk you through the entry process as a digital nomad in India. 

What is a Digital Nomad Visa?

A digital nomad visa allows you to work remotely and live as a foreign individual for a period in another country. Although there is no provision for a digital nomad visa in India, foreign individuals still have other entry options to India to live and work remotely for a particular period.  

How to obtain an Indian Visa 

As stated earlier, there is no provision for digital nomad visas in India presently. However, digital nomads can gain entry into India through an e-tourist visa or regular tourist visa.

If you want to visit India as a digital nomad, you can apply for an e-tourist Visa.

Depending on your preference, you can choose a visa that lasts 30 days, one year, or five years. However, it is essential to note that these visas cannot be renewed. For 1-year and 5-year Tourist Visas, the maximum stay in India during one calendar year is 180 days.

Here is the step-to-step procedure to obtain an e-tourist visa in place of a digital nomad visa in India:

  • Confirm eligibility: Before beginning the visa application process in India, you must ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria established by the Indian government for foreigners.
  • Prepare required documents: To ensure a smooth visa application process in India, some required documents are requested during the registration process, including the biodata page of the passport and a passport photograph, and have them readily available.
  • Apply online: The next step is to complete an online application. Before paying for the visa processing, you must upload your photo and biodata.
  • Wait for approval: after completing the application process, you will receive an electronic travel authorization (ETA). You then print the ETA and present it at the Immigration Checkpoint, where your e-Visa will be stamped.

So, if you are a digital nomad planning a trip to India, remember these guidelines to ensure a safe and lawful stay. You can as well reach out to our immigration lawyers in India.


How long does it take to process e-Visa in India?

The e-Visa application takes up to 72 hours to process. However, you will be notified of the Visa status (Granted or Rejected) via email.

Can I change my e-Visa to another type of visa?

No, the e-Visa is not extendable or convertible.

When can I apply for an e-Tourist Visa?

Eligible applicants may apply online for an e-Tourist Visa valid for 1 to 5 years at least four days before their arrival date. It is best to apply 120 days before the intended date of travel.  However, if applying for a 30-day e-Tourist Visa, applicants from eligible countries must apply online at least four days before the date of arrival. This type of application can be submitted 30 days before the planned travel date.

Can I enter India through the land border if I have a valid e-visa for another airport or seaport that is not on the e-Visa list?

You can only enter the country through the designated airports/seaports on the e-Visa website.

Exciting facts about India

Asides from the fact that the cost of living in India is relatively cheap, there are also several cultural and natural beauty attractions, versatile means of transportation, and conducive accommodations in various price ranges that digital nomads will find exciting while they work remotely there.

Our team of Indian Lawyers highlighted some facts and figures about the country below:

  • India is the seventh-largest country in the world and one of the oldest civilizations.
  • the estimated population in 2020 (according to UN data) was 1,380,004,385 people; approximately 35% is urban.
  • India’s population is 17.7% of the total global population.
  • with an estimated population of 12,691,836 people, Mumbai is India’s most highly populated city.
  • India experiences four distinct seasons, Winter (October – February), Summer (March – June), Rainy season (June – September), Post Monsoon (October -December).

We are here to help and provide more information about our services. For more information and personalized advice, do not hesitate to contact our law firm in India.

If you want to relocate to India or obtain a visa as a digital nomad in India, our immigration lawyers can help.